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Prepper Bar

Wealth in Your Wallet

Proudly Made in the USA

Gold & Silver Re-Imagined
Buy it. Break it. Trade it.

Silver Prepper Bar

Gold Prepper Bar

As low as $139.99

As low as $6,199

Starting at $139

Starting at $139

Gold & Silver Re-Imagined
Buy it. Break it. Trade it.

Silver Prepper Bar

Starting at $139

Gold Prepper Bar

Starting at $6,200

Available in Both
Gold and Silver

The Prepper Bar™ is the only precious metals bar on the market divisible into 3 different sized pieces for maximum utility, all while fitting in your wallet. Crafted from .999 pure silver or .9999 pure gold, Prepper Bars™ are built to give you peace of mind.

Highlight Features

These 62.2 gram Prepper Bars™ are perforated, and easily broken down into your choice of 3 different denominations to fit a multitude of needs. Whether it be for asset protection from inflation, economic turmoil or its unique utility for barter and trade, the Prepper Bar™ makes a perfect gift for all the precious metal lovers out there. Exclusively made in the USA, and selling out fast!

Available in both Gold and silver, these slim Prepper Bars™ fit neatly in your wallet and their utility enables use in any situation.

As gold & silver prices continue to surge, and top economists predict upcoming shortages, now is the time to secure your precious metals in the form of Prepper Bars™, the only bar on the market divisible into 3 sizes for MAXIMUM utility.


  • Convenient Size: Compact enough to fit in a wallet, similar to a credit card.
  • Innovative Design: Breakable segments for flexible and easy use.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly mined and minted in Nevada
  • IRA Eligible: Approved for inclusion in individual retirement accounts, adding diversity to your portfolio.

Wealth in Your Wallet™

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepper Bars™ are utility bars made of gold and silver, designed for versatile use and easy storage. Each bar weighs 62.2 grams and can be conveniently carried in a wallet, similar to a credit card.

Prepper Bars™ are available in Gold & Silver.

Yes, Prepper Bars™ are IRA eligible, making them a valuable addition to a retirement portfolio.

Each bar is designed with three breakable rows:

  • Top Row: Top Row: Breakable into (10) 1.555 gram bars
  • Middle Row: Breakable into (4) 7.776 gram bars
  • Bottom Row: Breakable into (5) 3.110 gram bars

Each bar weighs 62.2 grams

Each individual Prepper Bar™ is enclosed in a plastic casing. Bulk orders will be bundled in packs of 5 bars.

The breakable segments allow for precise measurements and ease of use, whether for trading, gifting, or other purposes requiring smaller amounts of gold or silver.

For larger purchases, especially any order over $50,000, please call (844) 771-1776 or email and we will be happy to accommodate you.

You can place an order directly through our e-commerce platform on our website. Simply select your preferred type of bar (Gold or Silver) and quantity, then proceed to checkout.

We accept various payment methods including major credit cards, PayPal, and other secure payment options available on our website.

Currently, we ship within the United States. For international orders, please contact our customer service for more information.

If you encounter any issues with your order, please contact our customer support team immediately. We are here to assist you with any problems or concerns.

For further information or inquiries, please visit our website or contact us directly. Thank you for choosing Prepper Bar for your gold and silver needs!

You can reach our customer support team through the contact form on our website or by emailing

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